The Award Winning Team at Recovery Management Systems (RMSC) has extensive   experience providing exceptional bankruptcy products and services to the Commercial and Consumer Credit Card Industry.

RMSC now offer financial healthcare services!

Bankrupt Account Processing & Workflow Recovery Management

RMSC can manage every step of your bankrupt account portfolio workflow, including receiving bankruptcy notifications, account identification, account coding and charge off. Every step along the way is entirely configurable to ensure the process best matches your business requirements.

Consumer Rights

Bankruptcy & Probate Verification

Bankruptcy scrubs are a critical component of any recovery strategy. RMSC's bankruptcy verification and notification process leverages our in-depth industry knowledge to ensure that you only receive the hits on the bankruptcies which pertain to you. You pay only for the bankruptcy information you need.

Trish Baxter

Compliance Officer


DBA International
CRCP No. P1309-1003

Proof of Claim Management

RMSC can manage your entire asset case recovery program by proactively monitoring cases for assets, filing claims, managing plan confirmations, initiating trustee inquiries and processing disbursements. The system gives you instant access to the status and worth of your claims portfolio.

Certified Debt Buyer
# C1311-1004
Certified Year: 2013

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STE 1120
Miami, FL 33131

Adversary Processing/ Objections to Dischargeability

RMSC can maximize bankruptcy recovery by managing your entire adversary program from initial selection to trial and settlement. The system is flexible enough to meet each of your unique business requirements.

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